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Donation Thank You Letter Ideas and Examples

Have you received a donation? It's time to send a donation thank you letter ... without delay.

It's one of those very black and white areas - a non-negotiable task that simply has to be completed to show every one of supporters just how grateful you are for their individual donations.

Donors expect a thank you letter, so you could annoy your donor if you don't show them this courtesy.

Using Thank You Letters to Create Repeat Donations

donation Every donor deserves a thank you!

Did you know that when you take the time to handwrite a letter of thanks to a donor, what you're really doing is building a valuable relationship with that individual?

And, that individual is much more likely to make more donations to your cause in the future if they receive a great thank you letter from you! Fact.

So you're creating a real 'win-win' situation, just by putting pen to paper and showing your gratitude.

After all, everyone wants to know that their money has been put to good use!

You should mention the amount that your donor has contributed in your thank you letter. They may be able to use your letter when completing their income tax return ... to apply for tax relief on the amount of the donation!

What To Say in Your Donation Thank You Letter

When people give to good causes, it's usually because they want to feel that their contribution will make a difference, however small, to a cause they believe in.

Sample Thank You Letter for Donation:

Dear Mrs De Gruchy

On behalf of St Brigid's School PTA please accept my thanks for your generous gift of £250.00. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.

At St Brigid's School PTA we aim to make a difference in the lives of all of our children. With the generous help of our supporters, we are able to continue our work and we are currently planning improvements in playground facilities.

Once again, our sincere thanks for your generous support.

Get started with your thank you letter

To create your own thank you letter, simply copy the example above and personalise it for your charity.

Remember to print out your thank you letter on your charity's stationery, which should include your charity's name, address and telephone number.

Each letter should be individually signed by hand before it is mailed.

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