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Thank You Doctor Notes and Ideas

Why do you need to send a thank you doctor note today?

Have you just had a new baby and your doctor cared for you through your pregnancy and delivery?

Or, do you need to find sample thank you notes to doctors, as your doctor helped you with an illness or emergency treatment?

Maybe you doctor been a huge support at a time of sadness ... a real rock that has made your difficult time a little easier to cope with?

My beloved Dad was a senior consultant doctor (before his well-deserved retirement) and I can vividly remember the variety of thank you notes and thank you gifts that were delivered for him throughout my childhood.

Many of Dad's patients had cancer ... some thankfully were curable, others sadly were not. I know how well Dad was regarded and respected for his gentle way of sharing the initial diagnosis with patients, his wonderful 'bed-side manner' and his ability to comfort both his patients and their bereaved relatives.

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Dad thoroughly appreciated every single thank you note he received and I remember that he particularly liked ones which were handwritten.

At one stage we received so many deliveries of wine as a thank you gift, that our family joke was 'the French milkman has just called'!

I've created and collected lots of sample thank you notes to help you write heartfelt thank you notes to doctors ... whatever your situation! You can find these sample thank you notes here.

How to Write Thank You Doctor Notes

1. Make your appreciation the obvious reason for your letter.

Sample Sentences:

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you and your team for the dedicated care I recently received.

Now that Mum is no longer with us, we want to thank you for caring for her so diligently and for making her last months as comfortable as possible.

Sincere thanks for your kindness in attending to our son's broken leg without frightening him.

Thank you for helping bring our precious and long-awaited Jasmine into the world.

2. Compliment your doctor.

Sample Sentences:

At end of her battle, Mum only had her pride and dignity left - both of which were possible thanks to your diligence and concern.

Without your tireless support and guidance, I would not be on the advanced road to recovery that I am on today.

Your calm, gentle bedside manner helped ease the trauma of a broken limb for my frightened boy.

3. Express a final note of appreciation.

Sample Sentences:

We will always be grateful for the care shown us theough the long and traumatic journey from IVF to the delight of the birth of our daughter.

The memory of your kindness has helped us all to deal with the pain of our loss.

Thanks to your skill, we know that David's leg will heal quickly.

May God bless you in your work with other terminally ill patients and their families.

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