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What Is Writers Block?

So, what is writers block? It's a problem that people have puzzled over for many years.

And yet, some people still refuse to believe or even acknowledge that writer's block exists at all.

Simple fact is, lots of us suffer from some form of writer's block at some point in our lives ... and there can be all sorts of reasons for writer's block striking!

Possible Causes of Writer's Block

From children stuck for words when writing Christmas thank you notes, to professional writers bereft of inspiration for their next chapter ...writer's block takes many forms and causes plenty of worry.

tips for overcoming writers block Tips for overcoming writers block

Fear, anxiety and worries about saying the wrong thing can prompt the intense frustration of writer's block.

Luckily, there are lots of tried and tested tricks and techniques for you to try, that can help with overcoming writer's block.

Whenever I've been stuck for inspiration, I've always focussed on the following 5 tips my old English teacher shared with me, always remembering to try something new:

5 Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block

  1. Set time in your day for writing
    Plan when you're going to do your writing ... and stick to your plan!

  2. Forget about achieving perfection
    Give yourself a break! You can start to critique what you've written after you've written it.

  3. Write in manageable chunks!
    Don't try to do it all in one mammoth session ... your brain needs downtime to get creative. Plan to write your birthday or Christmas thank you notes over a number of days ... not all in one go!

  4. Stick to your deadlines ... then reward yourself
    A goal to write, say, 2 letters in 45 minutes rewarded with a 10 minute break for coffee before your next 'batch' or writing can work well.

  5. Remember Why You Are Writing
    When writing a letter to someone you care about, or to make an impression on a potential employer, thinking about how the recipient will feel can spur you on to write expressively.

Share Your Writer's Block Tips

Do you have a great tip that has helped you to overcome writer's block? Here's where you can share it!

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