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How To Write a Thank You Letter For Promotion

Why send a thank you letter for promotion? After all, you applied for the new role and you deserved it didn't you? So why would you, or should you, even consider sending a letter to show your appreciation when you are successful?

Companies are evolving rapidly today and the art of self promotion is an essential business skill if you want to continue to progress.

It's simply not enough today to accept a promotion without sending a personalised thank you letter to the manager responsible for promoting you.

Your simple letter will mark you out as an employee with excellent manners.

Thank You Note

It's also an easy, subtle way to network, as your manager may share your letter with his / her peer group as an example of best practice.

It doesn't matter if no one in your company has ever sent a thank you letter for promotion before ... you could be the one who sets the new benchmark!

Before You Write Your Thank You Letter

  1. Invest in some good quality stationery to write your letter on

  2. If you will be mailing the letter, make sure you have a stamp ... this is so much more personal and thoughtful than a franked letter

  3. Have a copy of your appointment letter to refer to.

I hope the thank you note examples here will inspire you to create a professional, pleasant and sincere thank you note for promotion that has a positive effect on your professional profile.

Sample Thank You Letters for Promotion

Dear Eric

I would like to thank you again for the opportunity to join you as team leader for the overnight shift, with effect from 14th March. I am delighted to accept the offer.

I am looking forward joining you and to delivering on the challenge that this exciting role presents. I also look forward to proving that you have chosen the right person for this role.

Thank you once again

Marion Jarvis

x x x
Dear Mr Langley

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for offering me the position of Head of Digital Marketing with the XYZ Group. I am delighted to accept the offer.

I am particularly delighted to accept this promotion, as I am committed to growing my career within XYZ Group.

I look forward starting my new role next week and would like to thank you once again for this promotion.

Yours sincerely

Timothy Dowling

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