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Business Thank You Notes

Business Thank You Notes are a quick and easy way to make a big impression on your colleagues and your business contacts ... for all the right reasons.

Simple notes of appreciation can help cement old and new relationships and they can help establish both your company's image and your personal image!

Sending a thank you note is an easy, time efficient way to keep your network contacts (internal and external) strong.

career advice about networking Build and Nurture your Network

It's a way of 'paying it forward' ... you simply never know when you might need to call on that contact!

One of the best pieces of career advice I was given by a senior manager, when working for a major international bank, was to build and nurture my network.

In my experience, the most senior and most successful people in large companies are ones who nurture their networks ... and one way they do this is they always send prompt thank you notes!

"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
William James

How To Build Long-Term Relationships With Thank You Notes

Relationship marketing is all about building long-term relationships with people ... and in business, those relationships you need to build are with customers and business associates.

This is one area where sending business thank you notes really counts ... and one which can increase your bottom line when you get it right.

My dentist and hairdresser have both become experts in the art of driving repeat business through thank you notes! They both follow the same easy pattern of sending new customers a simple thank you card in the post a week after the first appointment thanking the customer for their custom. It's all about going the extra mile ... and it works on me because I want to continue doing business with people who make this extra effort.

Yet lots of people still fail to grasp the simple fact that the need to show their customers that they are grateful for their business (without turning every letter or email into a 'product push). A thank you card after a referral or a sale helps to make customers feel valued and appreciated.

The world of work is ever more competitive, so if you are to achieve your goals don't underestimate the power saying thank you in business. I like to send thank you notes to everyone, but focus especially on my customers because I know that they make my business thrive.

I buy my business thank you cards direct from Cardstore.com because they have a huge selection of card styles and their designs are updated regularly. And they often have offers on too!

Sample Business Thank You Wording

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Writing a Business Thank You
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