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Tips for Writing a Business Thank You Note

Writing a business thank you note doesn't have to be complicated.

You'll find simple tips and business thank you note samples here to help you write notes of appreciation that are very well received at work.

Did you know that sending a thank you note is a great way to boost your profile in the workplace?

Your note doesn't have to take ages to write and you don't need to panic about 'perfect wording' either.

10 Tips for Writing a Business Thank You Note

  • Make it timely - the sooner after the event the better
  • Only use email when you can't deliver your note by hand, by internal mail or where regular post will simply take an age to reach the recipient
  • A hand written note is best, but a professionally typed letter works well too, especially if your note is going to someone senior in your own company or to an external contact
  • Keep your writing style more formal than you would if writing to a friend
  • Address the recipient appropriately - if you know them well "Dear Mary" is suitable; if not, use a more formal greeting
  • Make it brief
  • Make it clear why you are writing by referring to the favour or service that you have enjoyed
  • Use your full name to close the note. If you know the recipient well, sign the note with your first name; if not, sign the note with your full name.
  • Include the recipient's full name and title on the envelope
  • Enclose your business card if the recipient does not know you personally

Sample Business Thank You Note

Here's a brief thank you note a colleague recently received from a student intern, who had spent 4 weeks working alongside her, before returning to college:

Dear Ellen
Thank you so much for having me for the past 3 weeks. It has been a great opportunity to work on such an important project and to meet so many enthusiastic people across the company.

You have been so welcoming and have thoroughly looked after me. I have loved the experience and wish I could stay!
Very best wishes

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This note of appreciation was handwritten and given to my colleague on the last day of the student's internship, together with a simple bunch of flowers.

It was a touching and very well received gesture of thanks, which will be fondly remembered by my colleague.

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Writing a Business Thank You
Writing a business thank you note doesn't have to be complicated - find tips and sample thank you notes here.

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