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Collected poems to say thank you, thank you verse and appreciation poems for every occasion ... all free of charge and ready for your personal use today.

Thank You for Your Kindness

Thank you for your kindness
I felt so blessed today
Your gentle words and loving care
helped more than I can say.

You're such a special person
A gem beyond compare
So, please accept my thanks
For simply 'being there'.

Original Poem By Coralie Thornton

Thank You for the Flowers

I love the flowers you sent me
And how you simply knew
A pretty bunch of tulips
Would stop me feeling blue

Original Poem By Coralie Thornton

Using poems to say thank you is an easy and very personal way to add a personal touch to your thank you notes. And, if you're not confident about writing your own thank you poems, there are plenty of ideas here to choose from.

Simple Thank You

Thank you for being you
My very best of friends
The rock I also can turn to
Whose support never ends
You're much appreciated
Each and every day!

Original Poem By Coralie Thornton

Handwriting a thank you poem is a lovely way to personalise a thank you note and make it special.

Sometimes, all you need is a couple of lines to express how you feel. Here are some examples ..

Simple Thanks

Here's a simple note to say
I love and appreciate you every day

Original thank you wording by Coralie Thornton

Simple Thanks for Friendship

Thank you for being my friend
My pal, my confidante, my best mate.
From when we met until life's end
For me, you'll always be top rate!

Original Poem By Coralie Thornton

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