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My Thank You Poem for Mom

Tragically, I lost my beloved mother when I was just twenty one years old.

My very personal thank you poem for Mom shares a little of how much I miss her, how very much I love her still today and how her legacy lives on through me.

I hope you enjoy my tribute to my wonderful mother

I hope you feel inspired to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her.

Thank you Mum for being my guide

My fabulous Mum, I loved you so.
It's so unfair you had to go
before I had the chance to say
how much I need you every day.

You were the rock I leaned upon.
The patient, kind and loving one.
With comforting arms and a soothing touch,
just one person - you did so much.

When Jesus called you, I couldn't believe -
couldn't understand why you had to leave.
To lose you left me quite bereft.
In devastation I was left.

Though the years have dulled the pain,
I'll never hear your voice again,
nor have the chance to show you how
I've grown and I'm a mother now.
I carry you with me each day,
In all I do and all I say.

Your legacy lives on through me
And helps me be the best I can be
Your wisdom helps me my whole life through
I always think 'What would Mum do?'

Thank you Mum for being my guide
Always in my heart and by my side.

Coralie Thornton

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