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Birthday Thank You Note Ideas

Sending a timely handwritten birthday thank you note is the right thing to do after someone gives you a birthday gift ... regardless of whether you love or loathe the gift itself!

Your thank you doesn't have to be wordy or complicated ... it just needs to be personal!

Writing birthday thank you letters often starts when proud new parents want to express gratitude to generous relatives and friends for birthday gifts received ... on behalf of their infant / pre-school children.

When the child grows and can write even a couple of words, the birthday thank you note becomes so much more meaningful if the child has written the note personally!

This is how the habit of a lifetime can (and I believe should!) be formed.

4 Tips for Great Happy Birthday Thank You Notes

  1. Begin your thank you note by thanking the donor for the specific gift you have received.

  2. Say something about how you plan to use the gift (or how you are using it already.)

  3. Mention what you thought about the gift and how much you like it.

  4. I recommend you finish by saying thank you again for the gift, then sign off with an informal closing sentiment , such as "your friend" or "with love", followed by a comma and your name.

And that's all there is to it. I hope you can see that it's really easy for you to write a great birthday thank you note!

Thank You Note Examples ... Perfect for Birthdays

In a hurry? Here's where you can find masses of thank you note examples, perfect for whizzing out a quick note after a birthday party.

I can also thoroughly recommend the Wide Selection of photo thank you cards here at Planet-Cards.com

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