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Teacher Appreciation Week
2nd to 6th May 2011

Founded in 1984, teacher appreciation week is a great time for students and parents to take time out to say 'thank you' to a special teacher, one who has made a positive difference to their life.

The week always falls on the first full week of May, with Teacher Appreciation Day itself always being celebrated on a Tuesday (the first Tuesday of May).

Teacher Gift Choices

teacher appreciation gift idea Teacher Appreciation
Gift Idea

One popular ... and much appreciated ... way to reward your teacher is with a thoughtfully chosen gift.

You can choose whether to make your gift, or to buy something that you know your teacher will really appreciate.

Whichever you choose, your teacher is sure to appreciate it! Teacher LOVE to know that all of their hard work and dedication is appreciated!

Planning Your Teacher Appreciation Activities

You will find lots of teacher appreciation ideas here to help you plan fun events and activities for teacher appreciation week.

Whether you're looking for ideas for your PTA to plan together, or inspiration as an individual, you'll find lots of thoughtful but inexpensive ways to show your gratitude to special teachers.

Here's where you can also find ideas for thank you poems to teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Dates

2011 Tuesday, 3rd May 2nd to 6th May
2012 Tuesday, 8th May 7th to 11th May
2013 Tuesday, 7th May 6th to 10th May
2014 Tuesday, 6th May 5th to 9th May
2015 Tuesday, 5th May 4th to 8th May

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