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Thank You Poems To Teachers

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude"
Cynthia Ozick

Handwritten thank you poems to teachers to accompany teacher thank you gifts are some of the most personal ways for you or your child to say a sincere thank you to a teacher!

Teachers love to receive handwritten thank you notes and poems.

They tell me they don't expect to receive literary masterpieces and their all-time favourites are heartfelt thank you poems written by the children themselves!

So why not experiment a little and create a thank you poem for a teacher ... even if you're not used to writing poetry?

My Sample Thank You Poems to Teachers

My Teacher Is...

Someone who's kind yet clever and wise
You love your class, you open our eyes.
You're honest and open, you make learning fun.
Thank you for everything that you've done.

Dear Teacher

Here's a little gift with a big 'Thank You'
For teaching me the whole year through
You work so hard, never seem to rest,
I'm glad you're my teacher, you're simply the best!

teacher appreciation gift
A small thank you gift
is always much appreciated
by teachers!

My Teacher

Your teaching helped me get my start.
You've earned a big place in my heart.
Thank you for all the things you've done.
You're a special teacher, my number one!

Thank You Teacher

You're such a special teacher
You know you've helped me so.
You've taught me what I need to learn
You've really helped me grow
I've loved my classes with you
'Cos you have helped me see
I will get on fast in life
With learning as my key

Teacher Appreciation Poem Examples ... from a parent

teacher appreciation gift A beautiful memory box makes
a lovely teacher appreciation gift!

Thank You Teacher
by Coralie Thornton

Thank you for inspiring my child to learn
For feeding his mind at every turn.
You've taught him how to read and write
To know and love the sky at night
To be polite and good and kind
To value books which grow his mind
So, thank you for a job well done
For making every moment fun!

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