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Write a Thank You Note
in 5 Easy Steps

So you need to write a thank you note? You'll be pleased to hear that writing thank you notes is easier than you think .. especially with an easy step-by-step guide to follow.

The best way to be prepared for writing your thank you notes is to keep a supply of stationery and a nice pen handy.

It's a good idea to have plain note cards, a selection of pretty postcards and a supply of stamps.

As thank you notes are often quite brief, you'll find thank you note cards are generally better than sheets of writing paper.

I buy most of my thank you supplies from Planet Cards but I also love the selection of Personalized Thank You Notes here.

The only time you don't need to send a thank you note is when you live in the same house as the gift-giver.

Read and Remember the 5 Steps to a Perfect Thank You Note!

1. Greet the Giver

Dear Great Aunt Maud,

The Secret Benefit of Writing Thank You Notes

The more thank you notes you send, the more gifts, goodies and gratitude you will receive!

People simply love to be appreciated!

So many people fall at the first hurdle and forget to address thank you cards individually!

There's simply no substitute for the feeling of pleasure people have when seeing their own name, neatly handwritten in blue-black or black ink, on quality stationery. (Blue-black is so classy!)

Even if your handwriting is no more than an untidy scrawl, don't make the mistake of printing your thank you note ... it will devalue it.

2. Express Your Appreciation

write a thank you note

Thank you so much for the cosy wrap.

Lots of people find this first paragraph the most complicated. The best tip is to write as if whatever you say is happening right now.

And don't ever mention a sum of money ... it's better to say 'Thank you for your generosity / kindness'.

Look to make gift or act of kindness as attractive / generous as possible. So instead of saying 'Thanks for giving us a hand with moving house over the weekend' you could say 'Thank you so much for your help and generosity in giving up your time this weekend; we are very appreciative'

Your goal is to create a simple expression of a heartfelt sentiment.

3. Talk About Use

With temperatures dropping now summer is over, I am going to enjoy wrapping up warm and fending off winter chills.

Aim to say something nice about the item and how you will use it; but don't lie! If you really don't like the gift, find something about it you can complement. It could be the colour or the fabric.

If the gift was cash, talk about how you plan to use the money.

You could say 'We are putting it towards our new home/garden furniture/kitchen renovation etc

4. More Thanks

Once again, thank you for your gift.

It's heartfelt and polite to express your thanks again before you close.

5. Close

With love from,

Use whatever sentiment you feel comfortable with to sign off. Love, Yours Truly, Much Love etc. Then simply sign your name and all you need is to get your note out in the mail.

Now that you know how to write a thank you note, why not use the buttons on the left of this page to find more helpful tips?

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