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Thank You Note Etiquette

Thank you note etiquette for personal or business cards and notes is not complicated. Did you know that some people get so worried about creating perfect thank you notes that they end up never sending them?

They forget that thank you notes are simply how we say "thanks" when someone does or says something nice, or gives us a gift.

Even the most naïve, imperfectly put together thank you note with real, personal feelings, is better than the best thank you note in the world that doesn't get sent.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it"
William Arthur Ward

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You can read the basic 'Golden Rules' here for thank you note etiquette.

I've also included a collection of thank you note examples which are completely free for you to copy and personalise.

I hope these resources will help to dispel any lingering worries you have about the thank you notes you need to write!

Here's When Thank You Notes Are Always Needed

When you receive a gift.
Find thank you note examples here for:

  • birthday gifts (including those received and opened in person where you already thanked the giver personally)
  • bridal or baby shower gifts;
  • wedding gifts;
  • gifts received by post or during a hospital stay.

Following a bereavement
Find sample thank you notes here for sympathy letters, flowers, or mass cards you have received.

When you have been entertained or received hospitality
Find thank you note examples here to use

  • when you have been entertained by your boss;
  • hosted as a houseguest for one or more nights;
  • been a guest at a dinner party, and
  • to the hostess after a party that was hosted in your honour.

For notes or gifts of congratulations.
Read thank you note ideas here for notes or gifts of congratulations.

You don't NEED to send thank you notes in the following situations, but I recommend you do ...

... because short note will mark you out as a person with impeccable manners

After a job interview
Lots of people don't bother to send thank you notes after interviews ... doing so will make your application stand out for all the best reasons!

Please come back early in the New Year to see my brand new pages packed with sample interview thank you notes (both for before and after an interview, and for many other business uses too!

When one of your friends does something nice for you

Thank You Flowers

It's very thoughtful ... and quick and easy ... to dash off a quick note when one of your friends:

  • helps you out with babysitting,
  • cooks you or your family a meal when you are sick,
  • acts as a sounding board when you really need their advice.

Life without our most trusted pals would be so much poorer ... and it's nice to show them how much they are appreciated!

To sales representatives
When someone has entertained you personally as part of a business relationship, it is courteous to drop them a note of thanks ... and you never know where you might run into them again!

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