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Say Thank You In Different Languages

Do you want to say thank you in different languages?

Perhaps you have a friend or business contact in a foreign country that you want to thank?

It's always nice to be able to say thank you to someone in their own language.

While I haven't included every global language on this page, I hope you will find the 'thank you' you're looking for here.

There are probably languages here you know and some you don't!

How To Say Thank You in Different Languages

Say Thank You in African Languages

  • Thank you in Afrikaans (South Africa) - Dankie
  • Thank you in Dinka (Sudan) - Yin acaa muoc
  • Thank you in Diola (Senegal) - Mersi
  • Thnk you in Domari (Egypt) - Daarim
  • Thank you in Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo (DRC), Somalia, Comoros Islands and Mozambique) - Asante
  • Thank you in Wolof (Senegal, Gambia) - Jerejef

Say Thank You in Asian Languages

  • Thank you in Cantonese (Hong Kong) - Do je
  • Thank you in Filipino (The Philippines) - Salamat
  • Thank you in Hindi (India) - Shukriya
  • Thank you in Indonesian (Indonesia) - Terima Kasih
  • Thank you in Japanese (Japan) - Arigato
  • Thank you in Korean (Korea) - Kamsa hamnida
  • Thank you in Mandarin (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) - Xie xie
  • Thank you in Tagalog (Philippines) - Salamat po
  • Thank you in Taki-taki (French Guyana) - Ganta
  • Thank you in Thai (Thailand) - Khop Khun Krab
  • Thank you in Vietnamese (Vietnam) - Cám on

Say Thank You in European Languages

  • Thank you in Breton (Brittany in France) - Trugarez
  • Thank you in Croatian (Croatia) - Hvala
  • Thank you in Czech (Czech Republic) - Děkuji
  • Thank you in Danish (Denmark, Greenland) - Tak
  • Thank you in Dutch (The Netherlands, Belgium) - Dank u well / bedankt
  • Thank you in Esperanto (Used Internationally) - Dankon
  • Thank you in Estonian (Estonia) - Aitäh
  • Thank you in Finnish (Finland) - Kiitos
  • Thank you in French (France, Africa, North America and Canada) - Merci
  • Thank you in German (Germany) - Danke
  • Thank you in Greek (Greece and Cyprus) - Efcharisto
  • Thank you in Italian (Italy) - Grazie
  • Thank you in Latvian (Latvia) - Paldies
  • Thank you in Lithuanian (Lithuania) - Achiu
  • Thank you in Norwegian (Norway) - Takk
  • Thank you in Polish (Poland) - Dziêkujê
  • Thank you in Portuguese (Portugal) - Obrigado
  • Thank You in Serbian (Serbia) - Hvala
  • Thank you in Spanish (Spain and wide global use) - Gracias
  • Thank you in Swedish (Sweden) - Tack

Say Thank You in the Languages of The British Isles

  • Thank you in Cornish (South West England) - Meur ras dhis
  • Thank you in Guernèsiais (Isle of Guernsey) - Mercie bian
  • Thank you in Irish Gaelic (Ireland) - Go raibh maith 'ad
  • Thank you in Jèrriais (Isle of Jersey) - Mèrcie bein des fais
  • Thank you in Manx (Isle of Man) - Gura mie ayd
  • Thank you in Old English (England) - Ic þancas do
  • Thank you in Scottish Gaelic (Scotland) - Tapadh leat
  • Thank you in Welsh (Wales) - Diolch yn fawr

I couldn't find how to say thank you in either L'Aur'gnais or Sercquais (the languages of the islands of Alderney and Sark).

Do you know how to do this? I would love it if you could contact me with the translation!

More Ways to Say Thank You in Different Languages

  • Thank you in Arabic (Middle East) - Shukran
  • Thank you in Fijian (Pacific Islands - Fifi) - Vinaka
  • Thank you in Hawaiian (Pacific Islands - Hawaii) -Mahalo
  • Thank you in Hebrew (Middle East - Israel) - Toda
  • Thank you in Latin (Historic European) - Gratia
  • Thank you in Guaraní (South America - Paraguay, Uruguay) - Aguije
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