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Do you have a great personal thank you letter to share? One you've sent or one you've received?

Or maybe you just have an idea of how to write a brilliant thank you letter that you would like to share?

Thank-You-Note-Examples.com was built to share creative, no-nonsense advice about gratitude and lots of thank you notes examples!

If you have something unique to share about one of these subjects, or you have some great advice or maybe a thoughtful thank you letter you'd like to share, why not submit an article to be published on this site?

It's easy to do and there's a bonus!

If you have a website or blog, you'll get great publicity from Thank-You-Note-Examples.com ... at the same time you'll get a quality inbound link that the search engines will reward you for.

Submission Guidelines

In order for your article to be accepted and published on Thank-You-Note-Examples.com, it must be:

  • Completely original content, written by you

  • 400 - 800 words in length

  • Not already published on any other sites, including your own

  • Related to gratitude, appreciation, thank yous etc

  • Helpful to visitors to Thank-You-Note-Examples.com

You're completely free to write about a relevant topic of your choice ... we can even send you some questions submitted by readers to get your creative juices flowing!

While the article needs to be related to gratitude, appreciation and thank yous in general, you don't need to be a qualified expert to be published. Let's face it ... we all have unique ideas and experiences with giving and receiving gratitude.

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