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Wedding Thank You Poems

Find wedding thank you poems here that you're welcome to use completely free of charge as part of your wedding vows, wedding toasts, wedding favors and wedding thank you notes.

Printed wedding cards are very popular and easy to use, but the greetings are often quite impersonal.

Using your own thank you poem, on the other hand, is a very personal way to express your gratitude to the wedding guests who have played an important part in your wedding celebrations.

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What About Writing Your Own Wedding Thank You Poems?

Do you want to write your own original wedding poem, but don't know where to get started? Here are three original sample thank you poems that you are free to use or modify ... or just to inspire you to create your own poem!

If you have written a poem to say thank you for your wedding, here's where you can share it with other readers.

Sample Thank You Poem #1

Thanks for helping us helping us celebrate our love
In front of friends and God above
We truly hope you enjoyed your day.
And take special memories on your way.

Sample Thank You Poem #2

Thanks for coming here today
For hearing us swear our solemn vow
You've helped to make our special day
One we'll remember every day from now

Sample Thank You Poem #3

With rings exchanged and all vows said
You've witnessed us get truly wed
You've seen us bind our lives together
And start our journey to forever
We thank you for the love you've shared
For showing us how much you cared
For being with us on this day
You mean so much, in every way!

Sample Thank You Poem #4

To love and to cherish
To have and to hold
The years will not perish
Our circles of gold
Now, dear friend(s) we thank you
For sharing our day
The memories we've all made
Will never fade away.

I hope you'll agree that thank you wedding poems are a great way to thank your guests for their presence (and presents!) on your wedding day.

Did you write your own wedding thank you poem?

Here's where you can share it with other readers.

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More Resources for Thank You Poems for your Wedding

The internet is a great resource for finding free thank you wedding poems. So long as you read them carefully and change things that don't apply to you and your partner, they can work very well.

Good places to find thank you poems include:

  • Poemsource.com: Generic thank you poems. Scroll to find "You Made My Day" and "Thanks for The Good Times," which can apply to weddings.
  • Imag-e-nation Thank You Verses: Selection of thank you poems, some of which can be appropriate for weddings.

Note: do be sure to read the terms and conditions of use for any poems you find online. You may need to attribute the poem to the site or author ... and some poems cannot be modified.

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