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I defeat writers block with exercise!

by Tania

When the dreaded writers block strikes me, I've learned to down tools and head straight for the swimming pool. When I'm swimming, I relax completely and I often find my mind is brimming with lots of new ideas after a good thrash up and down the pool.

But my ultimate place to swim and get inspired to write is the sea. Just heading out from shore, listening to the sound of the sea and then taking time to float face up to the sun is pure bliss ... and it clears my mind ready to get on with my writing.

Hi Tania

Thank you for sharing your story about how you defeat writer's block. What a great idea to clear your mind completely, work your body and then get back to your writing task refreshed and renewed.

I love to swim in the sea too – it's so liberating – such a total escape! And I love the idea that you use your love of swimming to cleanse your mind so that you can return to your writing task with renewed vigour! Great idea!

Thank you again for taking time to share your writers block tip with visitors to Thank You Note - please do come back and visit often!


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