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Family who never write thank you notes

by Maisie

I have friends and family members who never write thank you notes and it drives me more than a bit insane! I think it's so rude but don't know if I'm just making a big deal about something that doesn't really matter?

Some of them don't even give birthday gifts when they come to birthday parties for our kids, or give baby presents when a baby is born, so I'm now wondering whether to continue doing these things for them? I've always done these things for them and they've never said they find my actions a bit too much - or that they don't want gifts or cards. They just never send a thank you note or reciprocate with gifts.

Honestly? I'm a bit torn in half. On the one hand, I feel mean not to, but part of me feels that I'm wasting my time because these people probably don't appreciate my efforts and I'd be better off saving my time and money!

I'd love to get some advice on what to do - my husband is so bored with me complaining about this now. His view is to stop treating these folks the way I like to be treated because they are rude and ignorant but it all rather goes against my upbringing. Like I said - I'm very torn - your advice is much appreciated.

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