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Jay Z Thank You Lyrics

Thank you, thank you very much for coming out this evening


Thank you, thank you, thank you
you're far too kind.
Hold your applause,
this is your song, not mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Please hold your applause,
for I just apply logic, keys keys open doors
Now a balcony Opera, black tux binocular,
black lux, stop it I shouldn't be so popular
Name keep popping up
face keep popping up
on the tube I'm just watching Pacquiao box 'em up
how would I know HBO will get shot of us
sitting so close that we almost got snot on us
please don't bow my presence how am I a legend
I just got 10 number one albums maybe now 11
more hits than a Now 11.
that is no reason to treat me like I'm somehow from outta Heaven
Heaven knows that I made my mistakes
that God, what a guy, as I say my grace
who woulda thought by making birds migrate for the winter
I'll be fly all summer, might I say


Thank you, thank you, thank you
you're far too kind.
do me a favor don't do me no favours, I'll handle mines
Hovi baby,
we are really high, really high tonight,
we tipped the waiter one hundred dollars to keep the ice cold alright,
we the last ones to keep the wise guys code alive,
if i cant live by my word then I'd much rather die,
no no don't thank me its just how my suit is stitched,
I'm cut from a different cloth, I'm just who the shoe fits,
for the colour of money like a Tom Cruise flicks
if I put 8 balls in corners without using pool sticks,
Beautiful music when Champagne flutes click eh,
beautiful women sipping through rouge lips eh,
danger approaches we're like, wait who's this,
let us save you some trouble son, what size suits you is,
this way after the ruger shoots through a few clips,
you can lay in your casket just as you is,
we appreciate the target practices,
we'll be sure to send flowers baskets kid,


I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves
I was gonna do it with the flow but they did it with their sales,
I was gonna 9/11 them but they didn't need the help
and they did a good job, them boys is talented as hell,
so not only did they brick but they put a building up as well
then ran a plane into that building and when that building fell
ran to the crash site with no mask and inhaled, toxins deep inside they lungs
until both of 'em was filled, blew cloud out like an L, to a Jordan, to a smell,
'cos they heard the second hand smoke kills.
N-ggas thought they was ill, found out they was eww!
and its like you knew exactly how I wanted you to feel


We are really high, really really high no
really really high, really high tonight
We really really high, really high tonight
We really really high, really high tonight

kiss the wife for good night from me

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