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Postcards, who knew!

I remember being sat as a small girl, in my great-grandmothers front room. I seem to remember
a dingy red wall paper and bad light. It was dusk, and she lived in the depths of London.

Other than the settings, my interest was held by the rather tatty photo album that layed in front of us.
Its contents wasn't photos though, but postcards. They were from when my Grandmother was a girl... a good sixty/seventy years earlier.

They were amazing. There was such detail and color in them. Granted the 'white' was a yellow and fading, but they didn't detract from the images they portrayed.

Some were from loved ones, whether declared or not. Some where birthday cards. One that I truly liked was very delicate picture of a posy of flowers, a thank you card. On closer inspection I could see it was hand-painted. Nana, my Grandmother, told me it was from my Great-Grandfather, from when they were courting.

I cherished that late afternoon looking through the memories that were collated.

Not long ago, my sister and I, went through some of our childhood memorabilia. I found a postcard album of my own. These were more traditional 'cards, but they meant a lot. I liked how easy they were to preserve.

I have recently had two of my children christened. I wanted to get some special invitations made. I didn't have time to make my own, so I went to an online company. The cost of individual cards was a lot, but I needed to provide a lot of information.

However, when it came to the Thank You cards, my thoughts went back to looking through the photo albums of my Great-Grandmother. I went to the online to see if I could get postcards printed. I found I could. With photos of the day printed onto the front, they have made some very special Thank You cards.

Its been lovely seeing the postcards up, in the families houses that we have since visited. I would highly recommend using postcards as your Thank You notes.

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