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Thank you gift ideas for my sister in law?

by Margie

I'm looking for thank you gift ideas for my sister in law who's on a strict diet!

Last week, my husband's brother and sister-in-law hosted a fabulous 60th birthday celebration party for his mother. We flew home from London to Boston with our 3 kids, because we wanted to be a part of the party (and to show his mother how much we appreciate her). But, because we had to fly in and out, the bulk of the organising fell to my sister-in-law who did an outstanding job!

It was wonderful to see my Mother-in-law surrounded by her loved ones and I'd like to thank my sister-in-law for everything she did to make the party special. Trouble is, she just recently lost over 50 lbs on a very strict diet and is very pleased with her new look, so I don't want to go for a food gift basket - and I want to do something more than just sending flowers.

I'll be very grateful for any inspiring ideas - oh, and it has to be something I can mail, or order by mail, as we are now back in London!

Thank You!

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