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Thank You Messages for Baby Shower Gifts

Thinking up interesting thank you messages for baby shower gifts can be a real struggle!

When your ankles are swollen, your bump just feels huge and you're exhausted, it can be so tempting to think you can skip the thank you notes ... just this one time.

After all, you said thank you to everyone when you received the gifts at the baby shower didn't you?

But, a baby shower is a special time. Your nearest and dearest have really pulled out all the stops for you and have truly showered you with their love. So, while writing thank you messages might feel like it's going to be a huge job ... especially when you want to write something individual to everyone ... it doesn't need to be difficult at all.

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You'll find lots of thank you messages here that you can copy and use in your thank you notes.

There are plenty of ideas for you right here, so you can find different thank you wording for all of your thank you notes and show each of your friends how much their gift really means!

Dear Mercedes and Juan

Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower and for the beautiful fleece blanket you chose for baby.
I adore all the bright primary colours which will certainly help to brighten up any chilly days!
Thank you again for helping us to prepare for our new arrival with such a lovely gift.

With much love

Dear Evie and Frank

I was so pleased you managed to make it to my baby shower.

How generous of you to give us such an exquisite outfit! It's so gorgeous, I'm going to use it to bring baby home from the hospital.

Lots of love, as always

Dear Janna

You're such a great friend and source of advice.

I should have known you would choose the perfect gift for me - especially since you knew how worried I have been about bathing my baby! I feel much more confident now thanks to the bath cradle and I know baby will look adorable in the fluffy bath hoodie!


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