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Thank you note to someone who has sent me one?

by Cathy

Should I say thank you or write a thank you note to someone who has sent me you a thank you card?

I gave my teacher a Christmas gift and a nice card and she mailed me a lovely long thank letter. So, what should I do now?

Thank you for your help ..

Hi Cathy
How lucky you are to have received such a lovely thank you letter from your teacher! You must have really chosen a thoughtful gift to strike such a chord – or you must be a great student!

While it is sometimes tempting to think you need to follow up a thank you letter with a sort of 'thank you for the thank you' letter, it's really not necessary – even if the thank you letter you have received is as long and detailed as the one you have received. You could just end up in a crazy spiral of thank you letters.

If the teacher you mentioned is your current teacher – you might just want to thank her verbally for the letter, the next time you see her. It's a quick, easy and polite way to respond.

Thank you for posting your question – please do come back and visit Thank You Note again soon.


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