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We have 7 vice presidents and we just got a formal bonus...who do I thank and how?

Do I write a thank you to each one or just the big boss and the one over my department? A mass email seems wrong, but I write for all of them, so...


Lucky you receiving a formal bonus in these tricky economic times. You must be doing a great job and it's wonderful that your bosses have recognised your work in this way. So, now it's time for you to 'pay it forward' by sending your thank you notes.

Simple answer to your question is that I recommend you send a short thank you letter to each of your bosses, to express your gratitude for the bonus.

I believe you can never send too many thank you notes, and have never come across anyone who wishes they had not sent one. On the other hand, lots of peple have told me of times when they wish they had put pen to paper!

Think of your thank you notes for your bonus as a small investment in your career - each of your bosseswill remember them, especially if you are theonly person to send them.

Finally, you mention sending a mass email. 'Mass' takes away any element of personalisation from your message and implies that you are simply too busy to thank each donor individually. Also, email is the modern tool of communication, but your thank you notes will have much more impact (and chance of being read by a time poor boss) if they are handwritten!

I hope this helps - thank you for your question!


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