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What Is something i can start a thank you letter with?

I'm a grad. this year and i wanted to take the time to write my one of my teachers a thank you letter but i can't think of how to start it i want something touching and something she'll rember forever can You Help Me?

- Christy :)

Hi Christy
How nice that you want to take the time to recognise your teacher with a personalised thank you letter and that you are looking for an opening sentence that will be meaningful for your teacher.

I hope the follwing thank you note example will give you some inspiration:

Dear Professor Jones

I wanted to tell you just how much your teaching skills and your support have meant to me in my time at name of college.

I feel very privileged to have been one of your students and know that without your wisdom and guidance, college would have stretched me less.

You can add personal information here about exactly what it is that makes this teacher so special. Is he stern / funny / a recognised expert in his field?

Once again, please accept my sincere thanks.

Yours truly


Thank you Christy for your question. I hope this helps you write the perfect thank you letter to your teacher.

Best wishes

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