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Funeral Thank You Notes

Funeral thank you notes can be a real challenge to write, given the emotional stress most people are under when a loved one dies, but many people find the simple act of writing letters of appreciation to be a helpful step in the healing process.

Included here are some tips to help you write your thank you notes plus a selection of examples for inspiration.

Funeral Thank You Etiquette

writing thank you notes

Thank you notes do not have to be hand-written and the people who attend your loved-ones funeral will not expect a lengthy hand-written note.

Professional funeral directors will usually offer simple cards with appropriate, but bland words of gratitude on them. As part of their service, most funeral directors will offer to collect the cards from all the wreaths and bouquets, for you to respond to later. They will also collect donations for you, and record who they are from.

To personalise your notes of gratitude, I recommend you consider hand-writing a simple message of appreciation, for example "Many thanks for your support in our time of grief".

If you prefer to choose from a wider range of thank you cards, suitable for a funeral, here are some ideas:

Design personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Who Should You Send Notes of Appreciation To?

As you struggle to deal with your grief, it can be difficult to remember everyone you want to show your gratitude to. The following people should be on your list to receive funeral thank you notes:

  • People who have sent flowers, donations, financial assistance, cards or gifts
  • The person who officiated at the funeral service
  • Loved ones who helped you with the arrangements for the funeral service
  • People who attended the funeral service to pay their respects

Unsure What To Write in More Personalised Notes?

You'll want to thank people for their help, time and support during your time of grief.

If someone has given you money, you'll need to express your gratitude in your funeral thank you note. You shouldn't mention the amount of money but should say how the financial gift has ben or will be used.

Sample Funeral Thank You Notes

Dear Dr Beddows

Thank you so much for coming to help the family to say our last goodbyes to Peter. It meant a great deal to us all to have you there.

Peter respected you so much and it would have meant a lot to him, knowing that you were able to help him have 'a right good send-off'.

Thank you again

x x x

Dear Jack and Barbara

Thank you so much for your generous contribution, which we have put towards funeral expenses. Your gift has really helped us cope at this difficult time and made our situation easier to bear.

Once again, sincere thanks

x x x

Dear Mr and Mrs Ellison

Thank you for the beautiful arrangement of lilies and agapanthus which made the chapel look so wonderful for Gran's funeral service. How kind of you to show how much you loved Gran with such a stunning tribute.

Once again, many thanks

Tip: It's very thoughtful to mention the names of the flowers in a floral tribute in your thank you note (if you know their names). It shows that you took a moment to really notice and appreciate the flowers.

You'll find more ideas to help you say thank you for funeral flowers here.

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