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16 Reasons to Send a Workplace Thank You

Sending a workplace thank you is quick, easy and it shows you care. Learning how to say thank you to your boss is also valuable investment in your long-term career development.

If you're serious about your ambitions, growing a strong relationship with the one person who probably controls your pay check and your references, makes sense!

Bosses like to be appreciated as much as anyone else, but they often get overlooked when thanks are being given out. So, here are 16 great reasons to offer sincere thanks to your boss.

  • For challenging and encouraging you to be the best that you can be. If your boss manages you in this way, it's a great reason to thank them
  • For a promotion. Your boss will have been involved in the promotion process and regardless of whether the ultimate decision to promote you was within their gift, it's another strong reason to show your appreciation. Find promotion thank you note examples here
  • For a bonus. Times are tough. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a bonus these days. Celebrate the bonus you receive with a note of appreciation to your boss. Find bonus thank you letter examples here
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  • On National Bosses Day (for 2012, this falls on March 24 in the UK and October 16 in the US). This is the perfect opportunity to send a workplace thank you.
  • For a raise. No matter how big or small your raise, you will have earned it and you should celebrate it. Why not also let your boss know that you are grateful for the raise too?
  • For a gift. When you receive a gift from anyone, a short thank you note is in order - if the gift is from your boss, a few words in a tasteful card will suffice.
  • For granting compassionate leave. Lots of companies have a policy of granting such leave 'at the line manager's discretion', so when you benefit from this kindness, albeit at a very difficult time in your life, it is thoughtful to thank your boss when you return to work.
  • For a reference. Non negotiable! You MUST thank anyone who provides a reference for you!
  • For a party. Did you get invited to a party by your boss? Maybe they threw a party in the ofice for your department? Repay that kindness with a note of thanks.
  • For career development support and advice
  • For encouragement in the workplace
  • For the opportunity to challenge yourself with a new project, giving you the opportunity to shine, perhaps even highlighting your skills to other leaders in your business
  • For support with an application for a course or for funding for a course. Some companies and employers embrace the need to offer training to employees throughout their careers more than others. If you're lucky enough to have a boss who supports your application in these tough times, a sincere thank you note is a small reward to give them!
  • For guidance when managing difficult situations. There really is no substitute for experience in some cases, and having a boss who is willing to coach you through demanding problems is a real Godsend!
  • For simply being a 'listening ear'
  • For being your role model. If you have a boss who epitomises everthing you would like to be (business wise), then why not make their day and tell them?

Grab the chance to stand out from the crowd and to be the employee your boss remembers and talks to colleagues about - for all the right reasons. After all, communication skills are one of the top attributes recruiting managers look for when they are hiring new people. Don't hesitate - send out your workplace thank you today!

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16 Reasons to Send a Workplace Thank You

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