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How To Say Thank You

Tips for Your Christmas Thank You Notes

Knowing how to say thank you properly prepares you perfectly for the round of thank you notes you'll need to send during festive periods ... especially at Christmas.

You'll find lots of tips and ideas for your Christmas Thank You Notes here, for every occasion, but here are some extra tips to help you get organised:

  1. Stock up on thank you cards when you buy your Christmas cards ... they don't need to have a Christmas theme, which means you can use up any 'leftovers' in the New Year! You'll probably find it a bit cheaper to buy more than one card at a time, so this is a great way to save a few extra pennies!

  2. lots of ideas for Christmas cards and thank you cards

  3. Schedule in a morning or an afternoon in the 'Twixtmas' week (the one between Christmas and New Year) to sit down as a family and write all of your thank you notes.

  4. Lead by example ... don't expect your children to learn how to write a thank you note if you don't send any yourself!

Make Life Easy For Yourself!

Keep a simple notebook to hand on Christmas day and use it to jot down the name of everyone you (and the family) receive a Christmas gift from. It's a very easy way to remember all the gifts that everyone has received - and who sent them!

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