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Wedding Thank You Sayings

Need wedding thank you sayings that you feel comfortable using in your thank you cards? After all, with weddings, there are so many people to say thank you to, including:

  • All the people who have given you wedding gifts or financial support
  • Everyone who has shared your day with you
  • The special people who mean the most to you
  • Your attendants (adult and junior)
  • All the people who have provided you with a service

You'll find lots of wedding thank you sayings here. You're welcome to use any of them completely free of charge in your wedding thank you notes and thank you cards.

Don't forget to mention the specific gift you've been given and say a little about how you plan to use it or how you have used it already. This will really show how much the gift is appreciated.

I've also included thank you sayings which you can use if you receive wedding gifts which defy description!

Specific Wedding Gift Thank You Sayings

Dear Aunt Jennie and Uncle Tim

Your kind words and the luxury down-filled duvet you bought for us reminded us how generous you always are.

Thank you again for such a cosy gift!

x x x

Dear Gilly, Melissa and Miranda

Thank you so much for travelling so far to share our day with us. We adore the fabulous crystal decanter which now has pride of place in our new dining room! We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

With much love ...

x x x

Beau-coup Party Favors

Dear Gran and Granpa

We were so delighted that you were able to celebrate our wedding day with us!

Thank you for coming and thank you too for the very generous cheque which we have put towards our new kitchen.

With much love from us both ...

x x x

Dearest Cesca and Freddie

Thank God that we have friends like you! Your kindness and generosity made our wedding day unforgetable.

Thank you for being there every step of the way with us and thank you too for the beautiful champagne flutes. We used them to toast ourselves in champagne on our first night at home after our honeymoon!

Once again, much love and many thanks ...

x x x

Dear Georgia

Thank you for being such an outstanding bridesmaid! You helped to make our day such a special occasion. Thank you too for the beautiful picture you painted for us! We've hung it up in our study, where it has been much admired.

Lots of love and thanks again ...

x x x

Dearest Paola and Stefano

Sincere thanks to you, our friends for making us feel so special on our wedding day! Thank you too for your very generous contribution to our honeymoon fund.

With much love and our thanks again ...

Dear Johnnie and Mikey

Thank you for your completely stunning wedding gift! How thoughtful of you to remember how much we both love the story of St Francis of Assisi and to create a sculpture of him for our patio!

Thank you again, dear friends ...

x x x

Dear Jane and Davey

A short thank you to tell you how your precious wedding gift filled our hearts with joy and happiness. We never dared to dream that we would own such a beautiful piece of Lalique!

Thank you again for your generosity!

x x x

Dearest Mel and Jamie

Thank you for providing us with an everlasting memory of our wedding day! We will always remember how you offered your wedding photography services to us as your wedding gift! Every time we look at the beautiful photos you created we will remember your generosity.

Thank you again, with lots of love from ...

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Wedding Thank You Sayings for Help Received

Thank you so much for your support and your generous gift! You helped to make our wedding day special!

x x x

Please, accept our sincerest thanks for all your kindness and support. You have made our wedding day brighter and happier! Thank you!

x x x

You are our dearest friends - thanks for being with us on our wedding day! We are truly grateful for everything you have done for us.

x x x

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness on our special day!

x x x

Thank you for helping to make our special day so memorable! We deeply appreciate it!

General Wedding Thank You Sayings

Our hearts are filled with joy today! Thank you for joining us as witnesses to our big day!

x x x

Please, allow us to express our deep gratitude for your presence as we exchanged our wedding vows!

x x x

Thank you for helping to create wonderful memories that we shall never forget!

x x x

Please, accept our thanks and lasting gratitude for sharing our special day with us!

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